Biomaterials Exam 05.06.2019

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Biomaterials Exam 05.06.2019

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[308.119] Biomaterials
Exam questions 05.06.2019

1. Elements of biological materials
a) name two fibrous polysaccharides and describe the difference
b) name 3 types of polysaccharide fillers
c) are these materials proteins, polysaccharides or a mixture and name their most important components
-wood cell wall

2. Mechanical concepts in biomaterials
a) Explain the physical behavior of rubber elasticity
b) draw a qualitativ stress strain diagram of a material with rubber elasticity
c) Name 2 elastic materials and 2 viscoelastic materials

3. Bioceramics
a) what's the material that magnetite is formed from in the magnetotatic bacteria
b) what function do the magnetite particles have in the bacteria
c) why could the occurrence of magnetite lead to extraterrestrial live
d) name two bioceramics that are used in optics

4. self assembly
a) why are weak interactions needed in self assembly
b) what interaction is used to assemble the 3 alpha helixes in collagen
c) explain the hydrophilic hydrophobic interaction, what structures can it form name 2

5. Bone
a) explain the difference between cortical and trabecular bone? Where do the types occur
b) shortly explain the structure of bone at least mention the macrostructure, microstructure and nanostructure
c) What's the problem with bone remodeling and hip implants

6. Wood
a) how does wood heal wounds
b) which shape will the healed wound have (draw outline in a sketch, Triangle horizontal, triangle vertical, circle)
explain why it will form this shape
c) what are typical safety factors and biomaterials and compare them to safety factors in engineering


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