Microscopy on Biomolecules (oral exam)

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Microscopy on Biomolecules (oral exam)

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The usual question:
  • Two lenses (L1 with focal length f1, L2 with f2, f1<f2). Object is a single dot in the front focal plane of the first lens and it is not on the optical axis. Draw the rays! [See other posts in the biomedical engineering @ Tuwien facebook group!)
  • What kind of wave is there between the lenses? Plane wave. What happens if we introduce an aperture between the lenses? Diffraction pattern. What does that look like? Aery function. Sketch the Aery function and describe it briefly.
  • What is the resolution of a microscope? d = 1.22 lambda/ (2 NA) [This is the only exam-relevant formula.] Explain this formula!
  • What happens when you open the aforementioned aperture? What happens with the Aery function when you use infinitely large lenses?
  • How can you achieve super resolution? Describe one method (e.g. STED). Some follow up questions about this.


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