[166.201 Biology] EXAM 24.01.20

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[166.201 Biology] EXAM 24.01.20

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[166.201 Biology] EXAM 24.01.20

1) Cell division: Mitosis

2) Describe the different forms of the endoplasmic reticulum and give their function

3) Polyploidy (Explain, where is it found and why important for Evolution)

4) White biotechnology: a) To what application field is this term related? Industry: Food (cheese, bread, beer), bulk and _ne chemicals (cosmetics, alcohol, enzymes), biofuels (bioethanol, biodiesel) b) What relevance has White Biotechnology within all biotechnological application fields (minor, middle or major)? middle to major c) Mention 4 products/types of White Biotechnology applications (except biofuels) acids, vitamins plus all the ones mentioned in a) & Name 4 of the first (approx. 5000 years old) biotechnological enterprises

5) Define the term \HAZARD" for human health according to the World Health Organization (WHO)

6) Size of Bacteria, Virus and Proteins

7) Draw the different shapes of Bacteria (coccus, bacillus, morphologies etc.)

8 ) What is a virus (3 Sentences)?

9) What is the principle procedure to assess eco-toxicological risk? maximum (4 sentences) OR List the major determinants contributing to the toxicity of a substance and describe very shortly (few words).

10) Discuss the concept of homologous chromosomes, diploidy and haploidy. What characteristics do two homologous chromosomes have?


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