Exam questions and summary 2014

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Exam questions and summary 2014

Beitrag von Hofi » 16.10.2014, 19:50

Hi there,

I did the exam 10th.10.2014. Questions had been the same as in the collection of questions (see attachement or Tiss).
There are usually either exact the same, several questions in one like: What are Fats? Why are fats more stable then oil? Is there a possibility to make fats from oil?
Or slightly changed: How is DNA organised in the cell?

Therefore you must be able to link the stuff to each other. For example that genes are part of DNA, howthey are related to the genom. That there is noncoding and coding DNA,...

Which brings me to the point- try to get a good overview and try to link the stuff together. Then you´ll be fine at the exam.

good luck!
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