Exam 24.02.2023

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Exam 24.02.2023

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1. Draw D-glycerinaldehyde in a Fischer-projection and explain why it is D-compound!
2.What is the Arrhenius equation? Explain the individual parts of the equation!
3. Give the structure of -D-cellobiose! What are the characteristics of this sugar?
4. What is a nucleotide? Give the chemical structure of one!
5. Explain the process of DNA replication and its importance.
6. What is translation, which components are needed and where does it occur in the cell?
7. What do you know about ß-α-ß motif?
8. Explain the allosteric behavior of an enzyme.

Dont quote me on that but I think you dont need to learn all question from the Fragenkatalog for part 2. Have a look at the prevoius exams and you will see that he usually askes the same questions.


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