Exam 22.07.2019

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Exam 22.07.2019

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[308.106] Biocomoatible materials: Exam questions 22.07.2019

1. Define osteoconduction

2. Fill in the missing words
2.1 When using an implant, the load on the bone is.... resulting in bone....
2.2.Fluid spreads freely on a surface of it's tension is.... or... to the... of the surface
2.3.Surface energy results from a combination of... (van der waals) and... (polar and Lewis acid based) interactions at the solid/liquid interface.

3. Name the functions of stainless steel:
3.1. chromium (2 functions)
3.2 molybdenum
3.3 nickel
3.4 low carbon content

4. What is cold welding describe why it's possible

5. Stress strain diagram was given show the areas for elastic behavior, deformation behavior and breakage also give an estimation of yield strength, ultimate strength, ultimate strain and E modulus

6. Explain Photolitography in detail

7. 2 reasons why ceramics can't take shear ductility

8. 2 ways to get optical clarity

9. Bone cement mixing ratio

10. Bone cement reason for sticky dough until the curing is finished

11. What material group is effected by gamma radiation, explain the effect in words

12. Rate the materials from 1-4: bone cement, Ti6Al4V, CoCr, UHWPE (1 highest 4 lowest) according to their:
Tensile strength, E modulus, strain

13. The diagram of Vogler Method & explain in words how the contact angle influence protein absorption

14. Microbial cellulose is created how? What is special about it?


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