Exam 27.01.20 Biocompatible Materials (New Professor)

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Exam 27.01.20 Biocompatible Materials (New Professor)

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Biocompatible materials (27.01.2020)

1) There is a drawing of a cubic face centered unit. Calculate volume ratio (volume of spheres over volume of the cube)

2) How can materials be classified depending on their bonds ? How can they be classified depending on their structure ?

3) What is a ceramic ? A glass ? A glass ceramic ?

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic in dental applications ?

5) What are the typical bonds within and between polymers ? Why is the melting point of thermoplastics low ?

6) Why is the thermal expansion of low melting material higher than for high melting materials ? Explain by drawing the energy vs atom distance curve of both materials.

7) What is the strenghtening mechanism in tetragonal zirconium? Why does it make it stronger and tougher ?

8) Draw a typical stress strain curve. Show how elastic modulus, tensile strength, 0.2% yield strength and final elongation can be found.

9) What are the information contained in a biocompatibility matrix ?

10) What are the four stages of wound healing ? How can wound dressing help with wound healing ?

11) What are the difference between long bone fracture healing and cranial fracture healing ?

12) steam sterilization


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