Various Single Exams through Online-Exams

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Various Single Exams through Online-Exams

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  1. When you create/produce a medical device you have to perform certain tests. Where can you look up which tests to perform?
    -> Biomaterial Compatibility Matrix! Overview what it looks like, things you must take into consideration (e.g. time of application, application method, etc., effects like carcinogenicity...).
    What does ISO stand for?
  2. What should you check in the process of manufacturing before implanting an implant?
    -> Sterility. Different methods of sterilization -> two examples, how they work, pros & cons.
    Example: Polymer, melting point at 60°C. What method could you use to sterilize? -> Gas: EO (Ethylene oxide). Pros, cons, etc. How can you remove the gas afterwards? Vacuum.
  3. Three important functions of the packaging of a biomedical device.
  4. Tensile curve. What are the axes? Different parameters, 0.2% yield etc.
  5. The tensile curve I drew was typical for a metal (which can deform plastically). Are there materials that cannot deform plastically at all?
    -> Ceramics. ...
    Why is there no plastic deformation?
    -> Metal: Electron gas & metal bonds...
    Ceramics: covalent bonds between metal and non-metal and ion bonds...
    Do you know any other bonds?
  6. Biodegradability. Examples for biodegradable polymers & how do they biodegrade?
  1. Define ceramics, application, disadvantages
  2. the four states of wound healing , what wound dressings exist and what should they do (explain one specific)
  3. EO sterilization
  4. transformation strengthening of zirconia
  5. in vitro testing of a biomaterial (direct contact, indirect contact and extract test)
  1. All sterilization methods with a short explanation
  2. Photopolymerization
  3. Titanium (advantages, disadvantages), Why is it so biocompatible?
  4. Classes of medical devices
  5. Wound healing stages


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