About the course SS19

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About the course SS19

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As already mentioned from Hofi years ago, this course has lectures with different topics by different persons with required attendance. In summer 2019 there were roughly 29 hours, in which you needed at least 18 hours for a grade. Instead of writing a paper you have to make a presentation with 3-5 slides and 3 minutes, and really do not go over the limit of 3 minutes. Redl stopped a lot of people presenting when the limit was over at least in the first 10-15 presentations. He then gives you feedback on your presentation what you did wrong and what right and sometimes he asks you a question related to the topic and sometimes not, it was really random.

Here are some tips for your presentation:
  • He really wants to have a presentation kind of like a TED-Talk (I don't know what scientifical purpose he intended with that as he never said why this kind of presentation was important for us, despite I guess giving a TED Talk)
    If you use pictures always reference under the picture
    Try not to spam your page with pictures and statistics, try to have a clear view
    Don't explain very general things, stay focused on your topic and present it in a interesting way in under 3 minutes
The grade for this course consists of this, cited:
"The grading of your participation in the course "Introduction to Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering" is a combination which is based on the frequencies of attendance, the quality of the presentation on May 23rd and the answers to potential questions after the presentation."


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