Exam Biomedical Instrumentation 19.06.2019

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Exam Biomedical Instrumentation 19.06.2019

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1) voltage follower (Adress the impedance)
2) 1k Ohm;1000kOhm;DC signal
1kOhm und DC sollen gefiltert werden
+ H(w,j)…..
3) Diathermy: describe methode, a) muskel heat< fat heat b)muscel heat> fat heat
4) ROC
5) Passive active shield
6) Body impedance: Zs; in>> Zbody, out
7) Parameter for stimulation (FES): current, time (effect if we variation of parameter)
8) ECG block diagram leg drive (why leg drive)
9) the Metal-electrolyte surface and its equivalent circuit
10) Draw the correlations between the pulse wave signal at the finger and the ECG


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