Exam Biomedical Instrumentation 18.06.2021

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Exam Biomedical Instrumentation 18.06.2021

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online exam, 90 minutes time
  1. 10%: A mixed signal is given, comprimising three signal components: a DC component, 50 Hz power line interference, and 125kHz sinusoidal component. Propose a simple electronic RC circuit to eliminate DC and interference components out of the mixed signal. Please add the corresponding transfer function(s), reasonable cut-off frequencies, and propose R and C values.
  2. 10%: Let-go current and its behaviour over frequency
  3. 10%: Polarizable versus non-polarizable electrodes.
  4. 10%: Capacitive noise coupling and countermeasures to avoid it.
  5. 10%: Cochlear implant and its functional set up.
  6. 10%: Short wave diathermy, sub-types and their properties
  7. 8%: Plot waveforms of electrocardiogram and pulse plethsysmography (PPG) on the same realistic time axis. a) Are here reflected waves in PPG, how can you recognise them? b) What is pulse arrival/transit time, how high is it (in absolute units), how can you estimate it?
  8. 8%: What are the three main types of prostheses you can use for an amputation at the transradial level (hand amputation)
  9. 8%: What are active EEG electrodes? b) Please name three advantages of active EEG electrodes compare to passive electrodes.
  10. 8%: Provide typical electrical parameters (including intensity modulation pattern) for a) Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, b) Afferent sensory nerve stimulation, and c) direct muscle stimulation
  11. 8%: Please sketch out a block diagram or schematics of the ECG amplifier, b) Why do you need Righ Leg Drive? Where do you connect it to?


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