Summary of exam questions (2009-2015.06.09)

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Summary of exam questions (2009-2015.06.09)

Beitrag von Hofi » 09.06.2015, 15:43

Attached you will find an .pdf-file with all exam questions of the previous years that had been posted in the et-forum, informatics forum, here, the facebook forum, etc...

Most of them are already answered to Minjas and my best knowledge, others are not answered at all or need further improvement.
Thats wherefore I ask you to read carefully, take them as nodes, but check it again. Maybe you also would like to improve this summary?
If so, feel free to upload a better, clearer version below. This way we can ensure that also future generations of students will benefit from our work here.

all the best,

ps.:Today there was the exam. Only two questions differed from those of the previous years. I added them already to the summary (see attachement).
The exam was written, no oral part. 1h 30 min, so there was enough time to answer the 10, 12? questions.
You only got half a page each. In some cases you get more then one question in one box. But with the summary you shouldn´t have any troubles with that exam.

books that are recommended: Biosignals I, Biophysiks, Signals and Systems for Bioengineers, all books by Webster about Biosignals, Khandpur, Northrop, Grimnes and Medizinische Elektrotechnik by Eichmeier. Together they should cover every aspekt of this course. If you can think about another book that you think is highly recommandable, please feel free to post you suggestion as well...
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