exam june 2015

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exam june 2015

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This is a copy from a comment on facebook from a fellow student:

1. non-inverting amplifier (drawing + relationship/values for gain and input/output Resistors)
2. mixed signal with DC, 300 Hz and 1 MHz component; how to eliminate the 1 MHz component (+drawing, reasonable cut off frequency and transfer function)
3. how to detect electrode fault in ECG + drawing
4. reciever operating function
5. time dependence of susceptibility on external current
6. diathermy: basic principles + which method to choose for muscles
7. perfectly polarizable electrodes
8. hearing aid

ex1) ECG: comparison of plenthysmography + respiratory signal during ECG recording. Influence of respiration; choosing appropriate time scale, reference to cardiac cycle.
ex2) FES: AC or DC? which parameters can be set in a stimulator/FES set-up and how do they influence the stimulation?

ex3) block diagram of ECG with right leg drive, drawing of clean and noisy ECG


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