Introduction to Biostatistics (Distance) Exam WS21/22

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Introduction to Biostatistics (Distance) Exam WS21/22

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The exam on 17.03.2022 was online on a website ( Webcam had do be on at all times, the Safe Exam Browser was not needed. Although the exam was not open book, Prof. Lohninger said that he cannot check what we do besides looking at the camera, but we would be too slow anyways if we needed to look stuff up a lot.

I learned with the windows help file provided by Prof. Lohninger ( and the PDF attached to this post. I'd say when you attend the lectures and try to follow them, read the whole windows help file once and then learn with the PDF, the exam is feasible. I managed to get a "Gut" (2) (but I also seem to just have forgotten to answer one question).

The PDF is updated until the first of the tree exams on 17.03.2022 (yes, there were three on one day). You might want to be on the lookout for more recent exams. If you have your exam at the university and not online, also look at other exam and make sure what kind of exam you have (e.g. is it binary and open questions or did it change again)

I highly recommend when learning with this PDF that you check the following things beforehand:
  • Are the questions up-to-date? Prof. Lohninger changes some questions every year.
  • Are the questions answered correctly or to your satisfaction? There might be some errors.
  • Are the binary questions correct? If there is an X, some students already agreed to the answer, but there still might be some errors. If there is a ?, then you should double check as this was not sure.
  • Are the open questions answered correctly or to your satisfaction? If you work out your own formulation with the help of the windows help file, you will memorize it much faster and prevent misunderstandings.
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