Example Questions (answered) 2017

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Example Questions (answered) 2017

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I took the question and answered them, using older summaries, slides and the book from the professor.

In terms of learning for the exam, I suggest reading the bigger summary and then go through the questions. It would be also very helpful to get hands on older exams. I saw people having them on their phones, but not posting them.

This time we got a page with wrong/right questions. Further questions as far I can remember them were:
Drawing a dendrogramm. (this questions comes almost always)
Estimate the pearsons correlation coefficient (three different plots given, this questions comes almost always)
Explaining the validation, prerequisites and correlation of MLR.
You have 4 plots, which you divide up in 16 smaller plots with pea seeds. You water them differently. Which test (and pre tests) would you suggest for getting the right amount of water to get the best yield.
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