Exam 26.02.2019

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Exam 26.02.2019

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1) Trueness, Accuracy, Precision, Systematic Error, Random Error
- Definition
- Whats the connection?
- Sources of systematic error
- Can the systematic error be eliminated? Can the random error be eliminated?
- How do the measurements look like when precision is low and trueness is high? + all further variations

2) Electrophoresis: How can you separated charged particles? Electrophoresis - General principle, what’s the simplest form of electrophoresis?
Explain gel electrophoresis (instrumentation and working principle). How can the DNA be detected? What do you have to do before dyeing the sample? (Answer: switch off the electrodes^^)

Duration: ~20 min (with general talk about what I did my bachelor’s degree in and why I am studying biomed)
Very nice examiner. Doesn’t ask very detailed. Just general concepts and understanding seems important.


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