[183.269] Medical Image Processing Exam questions 11.12.2019

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[183.269] Medical Image Processing Exam questions 11.12.2019

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1. You've got a patient in the MRI scanner and are measuring the FMRI, when looking at the isolated brain region no activation can be seen, which methode do you use: GLM or MVPA, give reasons for your choice.

2. Starting from a correct registration of 2 datasets, one is displaced, how does this effect the joint probability (sketch)?
If you want to compare a PET and an MRI image what similarity measure and what transformation do you use?

3. What does DTI measure and name an application.

4. Draw a Marcov random field, which part of the image would you give what label?

5. What is the difference between ASM and AAM? What data/information do you need for the two?

6. What measures are used to vallidate variables (eg. The distance between anatomical structures). Name at least one that uses the ground truth and one that doesn't!

7. You've got MRI and FMRI images of 30 different patients, which registration(s) do you use name the similarity measure and the transformation of them!

8. What's the difference between implicit and explicit active contours?
For the given image which of the 2 would you use (image had 2 completely black areas inside of a background that was Grey and white, the area was alot darker and filled with the same color throughout)

9. What are the differences between the optimization criteria of snakes and graph cuts?

10. Draw the covariance matrix A=[(4,0),(0,1)] and B=[(5,1),(1,2)], on which of the two does PCA make sense?


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