[183.269] Medical Image Processing Exam questions 29.07.2020

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[183.269] Medical Image Processing Exam questions 29.07.2020

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Exam-time: 90 min
Language: German and English exam sheets available

  1. Describe the ASM Search. What texture/property is considered?
  2. Given 2 covariance Matrices A,B. a. Sketch the 2 distributions of points set in a 2D-space. b. On which of the 2 data sets does PCA make sense?
  3. Generalized Linear Models vs. Multi Voxel Pattern Analysis Differences, (Name 1 example each, explain one in detail)
  4. You have fMRI and MRI images of 30 brains of different people. They want the fMRI signals to be sent to each other and compare corresponding positions with different people. Give for each transformation and similarity measure
  5. What material property is measured with CT? How do you get Reconstruction/ Transformation?
  6. Random Forest
  7. Which modality can you use to map nerve fibres?
  8. Auto Encoder
  9. Validation of Classifier. Name and explain two
  10. Classifier detection and classification. General approach


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