Korrekturleser english

Seien es die Formalitäten beim Einreichen, Erfahrungsberichte zur Diplomprüfung oder auch die ersten Schritte danach: hier seid ihr richtig, wenn sich euer Studium dem Ende zu neigt!
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Korrekturleser english

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Are you preparing a University project in English?

Hello - my name is Alan Hastings, an American writer who is new to Vienna. Recently I made a living as a technical writer for the Brno University of Technology (VUT - Czech Republic) and also continue to work as a journalist for a city wide project run by the mayors office. At VUT I corrected many works including bachelors, masters, and doctorates - and also many side projects for p.h.d. students. I am available to not only correct the grammar - but also to make it more persuasive, compelling, and interesting. I have a university degree in English (University of Illinois) and guarantee the work will be flawless.
Even if your level of English is superb I am confident that letting me review the work will increase your chances for better marks since your results will be formulated more clearly - and also upon distribution it will receive greater feedback, greatly increasing your marketability in the job sector.
I am a tireless worker and can correct one of these papers in only a few days.

The price is negotiable depending on the number of pages, the time I have to correct it, and the level of modification you request.

I know students are not in possession of great sums of money. I want to assist you during this hectic time and give you peace of mind - letting you relax while I use all my skills to give you the greatest chance for success.

Alan Hastings



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