[166.692 Introduction to Microscopy in Biology] EXAM 02.02.2021

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[166.692 Introduction to Microscopy in Biology] EXAM 02.02.2021

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Here are the questions from the exam:

1. How are non-conductive biological samples prepared for scanning electron microscopy (SEM)? Draw a scheme!
2. Explain the principle of EFTEM (Energy Filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy. Draw a scheme!
3. Explain the two methods of cryo fixation of biological samples.
4. What are the intrinsic properties that characterize a fluorophore?
5. Describe the technique of polarization microscopy.
6. Describe some methods to fluorescently label a biomolecule.
7. Describe the technique of bright field microscopy.
8. Explain the procedure of Gram staining.
9. List the 5 building blocks of a modern illumination apparatus.
10. Köhler illumination, put in the correct order: [the steps of Köhler illumination shuffled]
11. Label the microscope. What type is it? [Picture of a microscope]

I also attatched a screenshot of the questions and the PDF i learned with. I made the PDF myself, but I got lazy in the last chapter and didn't complete it, sorry for that. In addition took a PDF with older questions and tried answering them (the greyed out parts weren't part of the subject matter in WS20)
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