Exam 27.01.23

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Exam 27.01.23

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1. How are non-conductive biological samples prepared for scanning electron microscopy (SEM)? Draw a scheme!
2. Explain the two methods of cryofixation of biological samples.
3. Why is there a different wavelength of emission light of the fluorophores compared to excitation wavelength, how is this phenonemon called? What is fluorescent lifetime?
4. What are the intrinsic properties that characterize a fluorophore? What defines their color?
5. How to estimate the thickness of ultrathin sections?
6. What is fluorescence? What makes a molecule fluorescence? (something like this and one small other question about fluorescence, sorry forgot)
7. Name Failure of lens (describe one of your choice)
8. What image produces a simple microscope?
9. What is a condenser and what is it for?
10. Köhler illumination steps
11. Label the microscope: inverted microscope


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