Exam 15.12.23

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Exam 15.12.23

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1. What are Backscattered electrons and Secondary electrons? What are they used fore in TEM, make a sketch.
2. How does the Energy Filtered TEM work, make a sketch.
3. How can the thickness of ultrathin sections be estimated?
4. What is the Numerical aperture and what does a higher number mean?
5. What is the resolution of a microscope?
6. Briefly explain the two types of confocal microscopy. What are their advantages and disadvantages?
7. What is the advantage of Gram staining? Explain the cell wall of gram-negative cells.
8. What is the difference between a Light and a Fluorescence Microscope. Describe the additional parts.
9. What properties do fluorescent molecules possess and what defies their colour?
10. Put the Kohler illumination steps into order
11. Label the Microscope, name the type:
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Re: Exam 15.12.23

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