ECO&SD: Ökologie und Nachhaltige Entwicklung

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ECO&SD: Ökologie und Nachhaltige Entwicklung

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The following Anki-deck has all 68 questions with all possible answers of the "Fragenkatalog" chapter "provide some examples".
Each question contains also the number of expected answers, and the answers sometimes contain extra rudimentary defitions to help those too lazy to google the meaning of the word.
Overall I think this chapter is the hardest since in order to achieve the 10 points for the chapter, during the exam, one needs to answer precisely.
All answers are based on the lecture slides, previous student answers to the questions (studo, Viwo; again based on slides), and some extras (definition help) based on wikipedia.

Note: Since apkg is not directly allowed to be uploaded, first unzip the file and then import the apkg file directly from within the Anki-app.
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